Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beach dreamin' today

With the weather being so nice and warm, and somedays hot, I can't help but dream of being at the beach. Walking along the shore line as the waves crash against my feet. The sweet salty smell in the air and the sounds of the seagulls flying through the air. Wouldn't it be fun to walk out to a little grill on the water and have lunch?
We think it would be fun to own something like this someday. We'd sell smoothies, slushies, icecream along with things that would be fired up on the grill. Some day. Maybe in Florida or Myrtle beach. Or who knows. We can dream right? Wouldn't you like to come visit us? : )


  1. Girl you know we'd be regulars! Pina Colada please! Keep dreaming's good for ya!

  2. I would love to live in the mountains, with the changing seasons, large fireplace so that when we are snowed in, we can lounge in front of a blazing fire, watching the snow and horses and scenery! But I love the beach and sun and water, so we would come visit!